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Is ham radio still used in 2021? 

Ham radio, also known as amateur radio. It is a popular hobby amongst youngsters, and many people use it as a fun means of communication. So, how can it be used in 2021?

Before we move to the uses of Ham radio, it is necessary to understand what ham radio is, and how it operates. Many other innovative technologies are expanding, we can say that ham radio would not lose its worth in the coming days. It is because teenagers are more focused on technology gadgets. The applications of Ham radio are still to be revealed.  

So, let’s have a quick look. 

What is Ham Radio?

Ham radio is used conventionally by radio fanatics. A ham radio operates by using radio frequencies to interchange messages without the use of the internet. The transmission of messages conducts wirelessly to provide a progressing experience. Ham radio provides quality sound, speakers, and a long battery lifetime. 

Like many other technologies, ham radio uses electromagnetic signals to do the job. The electromagnetic waves move in a sinusoidal wave pattern to determine the type of each electromagnetic wave.  Ham radio will operate when it receives long waves. 

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Applications of Ham Radio

So, if you want to have a closer look at how this technology works today, you have made your way to the right spot. Ham radio can be used for turmoil when things are unplanned, and no other option is available. It can be used as a reliable means of communication for unpleasant circumstances. 

Well, it’s not only about emergencies. Its uses can be extended throughout space technology applications. Want to know how? Well, here’s a look. 

The international space station uses ham radio for communication. It is made possible for moon bouncing, distance dialing, and even digital data. 

It can also be applied for many other uses in technology space. For example, you can use ham radio for fun communications without the usage of the internet or in a club station. The applications of ham radio are endless. Ham radio is best for two-way communication, unlike radio, where various ways of communication are possible. However, China is selling radio at low rates so that the market would increase and more people would be attracted to this technology. Overall, the applications of ham radio are literally unlimited and the sky is the limit.

If you are planning to get one for yourself and are searching for the best handheld ham radio on the market – there are many alternatives. Just make sure to do your online due diligence and get the one that fits your needs rather the one that has more features.

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Would Ham Radio Face a Downfall in the Future?

Today, everyone understands the fact that technology is changing rapidly. Many ham radio fanatics want to convince people that they can get much out of ham radio instead of placing it solely in the cupboard. 

However, Dhruv Rebba has shown the potential of ham radio by communicating with the people in space. What an achievement this is? We can’t keep ham radio apart from any other over-whelming technology, that is for sure. Dhruv had got his license when he was nine years old, and he had applied his skills to uncover the best out of ham radio. 

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Building a Ham Radio?

Yes, you can build your ham radio if it’s not available in your region. Here is what you need to learn. 

  • To design a direct current management system. 
  • To create a portable ham radio by gathering all the possibilities and functionalities through research. 
  • Which kind of radio circuit is required? 

So, make your ham radio and enjoy its perks. 


Though other technologies are expanding, we can say that ham radio would not lose its worth in the coming days. It is because the younger generation is more focused on technology and space. The applications of Ham radio are still to be revealed.