Angry Prash – Let’s know Who is the Man Behind the Voice of Angry Prash Youtube Channel

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Prashant Sharma is the man behind the voice of Angry Prash. He has over 4.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Angry Prash is an Indian YouTube channel that provides Animation Parody, Comedy, and Humour videos which makes viewers laugh. Prashant is the founder and content creator of the Angry Prash YouTube Channel. He never revealed his identity publicly. He always creates videos by wearing a mysteriously animated mask.

But you will be shocked to know that the content creator of Angry Prash channel who is Prashant not very good at animation and graphics designing.

Real name of Angry Prash

Prashant Sharma is the real name of Angry Prash. He is an Indian animation comedian and troller who posts cartoons comedy videos on YouTube.

Real Age of Angry Prash

Prashant (Angry Prash) is 24 years old college boy. He was born on 29th February 1996.

Angry Prash Journey

He started his career with some fully sketched animated characters. In the beginning, there was no Cartoon Comedy based Youtube channel in India that’s why the audience got something new and funny. This channel won the hearts of the viewers with its talent due to the innovation of something new.

He started getting a very good response from the audience. In this way, he started its success story from there. This channel started in March of 2017.

When he (Prasant) started this channel, he didn’t have any right types of equipment to make videos.

As he is not an expert graphics and animation designer, he begins his work with the assistance of Microsoft Paint.

In January 2018, their channel all alone, at around 100K Subscribers. Prashant met a person name Sumedh. Later on, he got a job in an organization name Nofiltr. With the financial help of that, Prashant did Social branding and optimization for the channel as well as it also helped him to get the reasonable equipment for video creation.

It helped him to boost his channel and gave him new stages and chances.

When he completed 2 Million Subscribers, Prashant decides to drove a group named Team Angry of 4 individuals including Prashant.

It helped him delivering increasingly content in lesser time with various inventiveness. The colleagues of the team help him in making new ideas, animation, and editing.

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What are the future plans of Angry Prash?

Prashant told that the channel just focuses on is to make people laugh. As we know people starting very much busy in their life, so on their busy life our videos will make them laugh and give some relaxation to them. We will have many more projects. So Stay tuned, many more to come.

Youtube Channel income of Angry Prash

As he never revealed his channel earnings so we can’t tell the exact amount. But still, for your satisfaction, we used an online tool that does YouTube channel analysis and gives us approx earning statistics. We referred below-

Angry Prash earning

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Who is the inspiration for Angry Prash?

Everyone is my inspiration on Youtube. I watch videos of all popular Indian video creators. But if you ask my favorite then it is Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Gary Vee, and Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines).

Here are some best-performed videos of Angry Prash

Every video is great and joyful which took a lot of effort. But our favorite videos are

  1. Halkat Call series
  2. The Time Travel
  3. Who invented gravity

Here are some Achievements

  • Angry Prash Youtube channel has 4.65 Million Subscribers with over 580,000,000 total views now. He gets monthly 5 Million views on average.
  • His Instagram account has 530K followers with over 490 Posts.
  • He also awarded as One Of The Most Popular Indian Youtube Creator.
  • He has created a very good influence on Social Media and many other digital platforms.