How to Effectively and Independently Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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If bed bugs have started infesting your home, how to get rid of them at home ceases to be an idle question but becomes a serious and urgent problem. You should not expect that they will disappear or choose the moment when it is better to fight parasites.

Every day the number of unpleasant “neighbors” will only increase, and you will have to forget about a night of restful sleep. The fight against parasites is a time-consuming and not always fast process, the duration of which is determined by the correct choice of methods for the destruction of parasites.

You can hire a pest control service to help you get rid of these tiny insects. Do click here for the best bedbug control service. There are lots of traditional means you can use to get rid of these insects, which we will look at in this article. 

Means used in the fight against bedbugs?

Modern insecticides can solve the problem quickly enough, but there should be no people or pets in the room during the treatment. In addition, before processing, you need to make sure that there are no risks of re-infection from neighboring apartments because it is often easier to destroy parasites than to eliminate the risks of re-infection from neighboring apartments.

Today, the options for getting rid of bed bugs on your own can be divided into the following:

  • Chemical;
  • Physical;
  • Folk;
  • Specialized service

The choice of options and means is determined by the owner and depends on the specifics of the premises, financial capabilities, and other circumstances.

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Fighting bedbugs with chemicals

There are various chemicals in the market you can use to get rid of bedbugs. You should consult experts on the right type and make sure you wear the correct protective gear when using them. Organophosphorus compounds, especially those with a low toxicity threshold, are most often used today because they destroy bedbugs quickly and efficiently. After a short time, they decompose and cease to be dangerous. Premises treated with phosphorus-containing preparations and pyrethroids, suitable for safe living within one to two days after the treatment.

Fighting bedbugs with folk remedies?

Even before the advent of synthetic insecticides, our ancestors knew how to get rid of bedbugs with folk remedies. The most famous are kerosene, vinegar, turpentine, cresol, and denatured alcohol. Each product is applied as a component of solutions, either in pure form on infected surfaces or probable habitats of parasites daily, for a sufficiently long time.

Please note that mixtures that include turpentine and kerosene with the addition of camphor or naphthalene are used to treat baseboards, floors, and wooden furniture. Special polyethylene gloves should be used when handling these products, not rubber gloves, as these substances can corrode thin rubber gloves.

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Thermal treatment of premises?

The temperature can also help you decide how to get rid of bed bugs at home. However, we must not forget that the bugs are different from many domestic parasites because they exist in a fairly wide temperature range. For example, they can easily withstand a short stay at a temperature of -20 0 C. 

However, if you find bedbugs in your home in winter, and the temperature is low outside the window (-30 – 35 0 C), you can take the furniture out into the cold for several hours, although this does not guarantee that the problem will be completely fixed. You can also freeze the entire dwelling, leaving the windows open for one or two days, but we must not forget that in this case, the risks of disrupting the plumbing and heating systems increase.

The last resolution would be contacting a pest control service.


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