5 Key Reasons Solar Power Is Ideal for Homes in Colorado

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Written By Berry Mathew

Are you tired of how much you pay for your electricity bill? What if I told you there’s a greener and cheaper way of having power in your home. Advancements in solar technology and the incentives you derive by installing solar panels are beneficial to you in many ways.

There has never been a better time to use solar power than now. Attractive incentives such as federal tax credit have lured more Colorado residents to using solar power. Solar panels have become efficient in saving energy, and they can also increase your home value.

Here are five essential reasons why you should consider installing solar systems in your home.

  1. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Have you been looking for cheaper power solutions that work as effectively? Solar power is the best free renewable energy resource you could harness today to reduce our utility bills.

Research has shown that electricity bill makes up the most significant portion of houses expenditures. Solar panels, once installed, can last up to 20 years; the return on investment is felt once you use them for a long period. You may fail to reduce your bills 100 percent, but your energy expenses will reduce gradually.

  1. Tax Benefits

Despite the state of Colorado stopping the issuance of tax credit for solar power, the federal government still does. The federal government provides a 26% investment tax credit for using solar power systems.

The amount is equivalent to 26% of the total solar installation cost. You can deduct this tax credit amount from your tax liabilities for the year. However, you need to note that this tax credit is not a cash rebate.


  1. State Incentives

The costs of installing solar panels in Colorado have dropped to a negligible amount. This is courtesy of the incentives and cash rebates you may receive depending on your local utility. Consult your solar energy contractor as they will advise on the various incentives in your area.

In some counties, you can receive grants to ease the burden of costs when installing solar panels.

  1. Increase Your Home Value

You can no longer be penalized for increasing your home value after the installation of solar power in Colorado. More so, the value of your solar panels will be exempted from property value taxation.

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  1. Good for the Environment

In Colorado, three hundred days have sunshine; your solar panels can harness that to get enough energy for your house needs. For a more sustainable future, using solar power contributes to the fight against air pollution by fossil fuel plants.

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Reduce Your House Expenditures by Getting Solar Power Today

Solar panel Installation in Colorado attracts the above-mentioned incentives. You’ll also have free access to sustainable renewable energy resources.

You must remember purchasing solar systems is an excellent long-term investment on your end. Weigh the tradeoff you get by using solar power and make the best decision.

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