Hyderabad Couple Builds HiTech Farm; Can Produce Up To 8000 Kgs Of Veggies Per Day

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Simply Fresh, a high-tech farm company founded in 2013 by Sachin and Shweta Darbarwar in Hyderabad is a state-of-the-art farm. Employing technology to gauge the nutrient supply to each plant along with hydroponics, this brand promises fresh, pesticide-free veggies.


Sachin Darbarwar is a programmer who went through near 18 years in New Zealand and Australia prior to taking move back to Hyderabad, India.

“I had an extremely lovely childhood in India and someplace in the rear of my brain, I realized I needed to return home. The only inquiry was about what I would do here,” Sachin discloses to The Better India.

However, it required a long time to show up at his next adventure, Sachin, alongside his better half Shweta, started Simply Fresh in 2013 in Hyderabad’s Shamirpet. Consistent with its name, the brand intends to give nutritious food that is liberated from synthetics and pesticides.

What got Sachin interested in this farm-to-fork venture was a concept called ‘Talking to Plants’. Here, every stage of plant growth was monitored, nutrient supply recorded and the environment around it controlled.

To further explore this idea, Sachin started working with botanists, professors, and others involved in the agri-space and says that he was actively working on decoding the signals that plants send out. These signals are how each plant reacts to the environmental changes in the greenhouse and how it reacts to the nutrient that it is being fed.

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Beginning of the high-tech farm

In 2013, Sachin and Shweta began Simply Fresh on a land package of around 10 acres of land. “At the point when we began, it was an analysis and we needed to see whether we could make a business accomplishment out of this,” adds Shweta. She talks about how one of the attractions at stores in Australia was the superbly new production that was made accessible for shoppers. She portrays the new produce as ‘welcoming’ and felt that a similar quality was not accessible in India. “The thought was to have the option to bring that sort of value and newness to the item being sold here also,” she says.

Sachin and Shweta Darbarwar, the founder of Simply Fresh (a high-tech farming company)

When asked whether they had some association with the agriculture space, Sachin says, “My granddad was also a farmer, with extensive landholdings. While my dad didn’t go down a similar way, I think it was there someplace in my blood.”

Before the couple set up tasks in India, they set up a model in Australia, and given how well it worked there, they began their first venture in Quite a while. Beginning with developing 4 sections of land, Sachin says, “We developed just about 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs, plants, and we’re providing to grocery stores, restaurants, and even different corporates around Hyderabad.”

Shweta says that they started with growing 14 kinds of lettuce, 10 different types of herbs, tomato, capsicum, peppers, and various microgreens. “We meticulously profiled each plant, from day zero to harvest, and understand their nutritional requirements under various climatic conditions,” she says. Just like the nutritional needs of a child changes from birth onwards, Sachin says that even plants need different nutrients during their life cycle.


Growing plants for medicines

“We saw that there were many natural issues in the space and finding dependable crude material was troublesome. A large portion of the crude material being obtained were from wildernesses and ancestral regions,” says Sachin. This prompted each bunch being unique and that caused an issue for the business. In restorative plants, the boundary that is checked is ‘alkaloids’, which are naturally occurring substances in plants that have medicinal value.


A picture from the farm

Growth of the company

Accordingly, in 2018, Simply Fresh additionally figured out how to raise $ 20 million and extended their cultivating movement with almost 62 hectares of the land in Arjunpatla, Siddipet.

Sachin says that every day the ranch has the ability to deliver near 8,000 kgs of different items, which is in excess of 29,25,070 kgs every year, developed more than 22 sections of land of AI-controlled computerized nurseries. The organization utilizes 170 individuals, and very nearly 70% of the labor force comes from in and around the neighborhood. Both Sachin and Shweta invest wholeheartedly in having made a homestead that is best in class.

While there are different organizations making cases of being natural, clean, and new, Simply Fresh acquainted the QR code framework with permit customers to check each time they purchase the item. “Hence, we have given every one of our client’s open admittance to the framework,” he says.

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Each pack that leaves the ranch is joined by a QR code on the parcel, which clients can filter on the site to accumulate more data. “Being able to back all the claims that the company makes is a very important part of our ecosystem. We also see many customers make use of this,” says Sachin.

Source: The Better India

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