Importance of mobile application development for a company is surging!

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It has just been around 30 years since the advent of the digital age. But since then the ways of living have changed. We socialize differently, play differently, and even sleep differently. Or take the commercial world for example. The way it used to work has taken a drastic shift. Now we have a company representing itself digitally. It has a website being the evidence of its presence. Digital Marketing Services are on a rise. And if you go a little further, you might find a mobile application too. And why not? It helps drastically. But not many do look wisely towards a Mobile Application Development Company, Blurn says.

But things are different now. Now mobile application works like nitro to a car. How? We’ll see below.

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Importance of Mobile Application Development in the modern world!

Let’s start with a very simple scenario!

There is a company that sells shoes. It has a website that contains all its products along with a buying option. Now, there is its competitor that holds a website too but has a mobile application alongside making it easier for people to surf the items. Which company would you choose, given the quality of items is the same in both the companies?

Mobile applications make it easier for people to surf the content with ease. This is the reason all the big companies have a mobile application with them. It helps.

Furthermore, the usage of mobile phones has increased times fold in recent years. Here are a few stats that prove that mobile app usage is on a rise.

  • The Play Store currently hosts around 2.88 million applications currently.
  • The download of applications has touched a giant figure of 230 billion.
  • Around 21 percent people open a single app for more than 50 times a day.
  • Around 50 percent access an app for more than 11 times a day.

And then we see that this is far more than opening a browser. It is like accessing the same site for more than 11 times a day through an application. This does not happen in the case of websites that are slower to load and hard to scroll.

Here is why mobile applications are a necessity as much as digital marketing services are now for digital dreamers.

Makes it easier to access things!

Mobile applications allow a structured setup of all the products and services. This makes it easier for people to access things in a managed way and without interruption. It leads to an increase in sales and higher ROI.

Websites are often confusing for people and they take more time to load. Applications store most of the data already on the mobile and load only the updated content. This creates a smooth experience. Furthermore, people stay far more excited about updates in apps than on websites. Applications do not seem dreadful either.

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Mobile applications are faster!

When you open a browser, you find several other tabs besides the one you want to focus upon. It leads to slower loading and functioning. Mobile applications work like separate software that demands its own resources without sharing with anyone.

This does not stay so in a browser. A browser handles several websites simultaneously. This is like handling several applications together. It puts a brake on the experience and leads to frustration. Consider it like having 100s of cars running on a single highway. And when frustration and brand name come together, the mind plans on avoiding that brand in the future.

Creates a sense of trust!

Let’s come back to the physical world. When we hear about a brand or a company, we expect it to have a building. If there is no physical presence of the company, we won’t trust it. It works similarly in the digital world. Having an app works like having a building for the brand! It weaves the user and the company with a thread of trust.

When we see a website, we trust the company more. And when we see a mobile application, our trust grows further.

Having a mobile application increases retention rate!

What more good is there in the world than seeing your customers sitting still before you, waiting for more and more? Studies have shown that people open mobile applications more often than websites. When you provide people with an application, it provides them with a distraction-free experience. When people are focused and happy, they often come back to the same place again and again. Digital Marketing Services help a lot in retaining customers.

Having a mobile application for your brand is like giving your customers a library where all the books are perfectly managed. It is a blend of class, order, and trust.

It gives a competitive edge!

People often tend to choose the one that has more features to it. Between two companies with an equal amount of products, an equal amount of quality, an equal price and everything, but with one having an app and the other having not, people will choose the one that has an application. It is human nature.

The competition is high and a slight advantage leads to the life and death of a business. Taking the help from a Mobile Application Development Company, Blurn says, helps the company in the long term. It is good to stay ahead and be ready for the future.

Creates more interaction!

Mobile applications are more friendly and engaging as compared to websites. They provide up-to-date data to the users and even notify them about important changes and deals. If you have an important update about the recent sale going on, you can give them a notification. This will have the same impact as telling someone personally about the new shoes in the market.

People do not remember opening a website again and again. But when they see an application on the home screen or in the stack, it reminds them to open it and surf.

Should you have a mobile application developed?

The question now is not about the need, it is about the money it takes. Having a mobile application surely will give an advantage in the market. If you have the required budget, then we suggest you get a mobile application for your company. It will be an easy stop for your customers to see and enter.

This is the time when one should seek the help from a Mobile Application Development Company, Blurn says. The clock has started to tick. It is as important as having digital marketing services serve your company and nourish it to a brand’s name.


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