What are some tips to clear the NID ENTRANCE?

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For NID 2021 admission, one needs to first appear for the NID DAT or preliminary examination. Moreover, this is going to be a written exam. Upon qualifying the NID DAT preliminary, or after shortlist, one needs to appear for NID DAT or Mains examination. Basically, the main is the round for studio test. Apparently, NID Design Aptitude Test DAT is among the most challenging entrance examinations. Hence, most people look for the right strategy of cracking the examination. Anyway, the below abstracts will be useful in this regard.   

Preparation guide for NID DAT Preliminary, 2021 

Firstly, one needs to go through the syllabus of NID Exam completely. Next, one needs to possess clarity about the examination pattern and the scheme of marking. Moreover, it will be good to prepare timetables for daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Most importantly, emphasis must be on the question papers of past years. Here it includes the sample papers and mock exams as well.     

Undoubtedly, one can’t just score well unless having a proper strategy in place. In this context, it is essential to go through the following points thoroughly.

  • Understand the marking, syllabus, and contents

On a whole, evaluation of candidates occurs in terms of knowledge, comprehension, visualization, and creativity. Hence, a student needs to aim for each one thoroughly. Similarly, one must possess clarity about the marking schemes as well. The best part, there is no negative marking in NID DAT Preliminary. But, in case of MCQs, marks vary from 0.5 to 4 marks. 

Above all, one needs to have clarity regarding the syllabus of the examination for NID entrance examination. Most importantly, only upon having thorough syllabus knowledge, one can plan on how to prepare. On a whole, this helps in understanding the contents of each topic well.

  • Have a time-table set

It is extremely important to have a timetable ready for NID examination. As explained above, one must set daily, weekly, and month-wise goals. But, above all these, it is crucial for the aspirants to complete the syllabus sooner as possible. Ultimately, one must aim at keeping the previous month before examination for revision. Through the process, try solving as many questions papers as possible from past year.     

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  • Must refer to the questions of previous years

Referring to the NID papers of past year is also a great idea. In fact, a candidate should try as many papers as it is possible. The best part, solving the past year’s questions is useful to make aspirants familiar with the question format. Similarly, it helps them understand the examination pattern as well. Above all, it helps them in picking out the most crucial questions. 

On a whole, it helps the candidates in scoring the best possible mark at the entrance examination. At the same time, it is equally important to solve as many mock exams as possible. The best part about mock test is that it is useful for the aspirants in conducting effective time management. Undoubtedly, someone who knows how to manage time well can easily attain more marks. 

Understanding the pattern

First of all, aspirants need to understand the pattern well. Moreover, a candidate needs to complete the questions in NID DAT Mains in 3 hours. Here, they have 100 marks in total, from which they will have to score. However, the candidate needs to appear for an interview round post appearing for the studio test. Only having the right plans for the preparation is often not enough.  In this context, an aspirant must have a thorough plan ready for the Exam’s day. Check out the below abstracts for this.    

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Strategy for the exam’s day

First of all, one must not assume any questions for the Exam’s day. After all, it’s quite tough to predict. Moreover, the questions for NID test come in such a way that they test the creative aspect of the candidate. In short, the goal is to judge how quickly the candidate is leaving his/her thoughts on paper. On this aspect, one needs to first read the questions thoroughly. Attempt free NID Mock Test Series.

Next, go through the options available in the right order. Now, ensure that you have gone through the answer sections well. It is best to try the easy ones first for better results. Moreover, one must not make any hurry. Specifically, there should no hurry for drawing questions. At the same time, it is important to be careful while attempting the drawing questions.

All in all, one can certainly expect to score great upon following the above strategies.